Cannes 2009 #18

Independencia  de Raya Martin

Raya Martin, conversation

Un certain regard


La dédicace aux deux neveux sur la scène de Debussy, the tagalog word for Mum, dying for your country, passion for anything.

Conversation avec Raya Martin 1, Les neveux. from Independencia on Vimeo.


La tempête, l’amulette, the flashes of light, when you go to the province, different perspectives, it sounds corny for a filmmaker.

Conversation avec Raya Martin 2, La tempête from Independencia on Vimeo.


Un contraste entre deux morts, interiorness & exteriorness, how philippine cinema is rooted in Hollywood, how the dreams appear, totally ridiculous.

Conversation avec Raya Martin 3, Les rêves. from Independencia on Vimeo.


How in the end, we only have ourselves, maybe it’s personal, maybe it’s national, a Brakhage tribute, women and children singing, revolutionary or mellow, the sorrow.

Conversation avec Raya Martin 4 from Independencia on Vimeo.

par Eugenio Renzi, Antoine Thirion
vendredi 22 mai 2009

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